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February 13, 2011


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Hmm there are a lot of stories and films that make me feel like i'd do anytihng for the chance to put on a fancy dress or outfit and dance (think Little Women, or Step Up) but i'd rather be a singer. I fell in love with words and writing at a very young age, and singing kind of seemed to go hand in hand with that over time. Tough question, though, as both arts can convey emotion in such different, yet powerful ways.


As promised - here are some links to translation sites:

http://www.allthelyrics.com/forum/arabic-lyrics-translation/ (more of a forum – but good reference)

I'm sure there are more out there - but these links carry the major pieces out there. For more obscure music, you have to get at least the lyrics and do a more manual translation - or find someone who speaks Arabic. I hope this helps!


Thanks, Joann! I appreciate the feedback and nice of you to say :) I have to say, when I work on a piece of music, it does take a bit of research. For translations usually I do some Web searches, but that can be quite difficult because sometimes the songs have multiple spellings and I try to get them all. I'll look up some sites in the next day or so and send to you and post them. Some obscure songs don't really have translations - but that's where I consult with Sausan or someone like her who knows Arabic. Stay tuned!

Joann Nishihara Kujaski

Excellent piece. Where would I find interpretations of the songsIE translations. I feel odd dancing to something I have no idea to what. As you said your expression and body are expressing what is being said!!!! I absolutely love your dancing. I wanna be like you!!!!

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